Sunday, April 17, 2011

SPM cardiac attack.

If only people know how much I want to make my parents proud, they will come to me and promise to teach me till the end of the world. I really want to study that hard but I got no one to ask if I do not understand a simple thing.

As always, I will give up and close the books because I know I can't do it. Was trying to keep heart that strong and put a wall between diligent and lazy. The wall is falling down and now I'm between them. And with this weakest heart, I choose lazy.

I am too easy to fall and I have no one to catch me back. I need someone who will always be with me and lend his/her shoulder to me. I want that someone. I desperately need that someone.

I am dam-witted. I swear I want to catch that at least 7As in SPM 2011 but now I know it's not that easy. If Dee Hussin got 8As in her last year SPM, why I can't? For your information, she was starting to get serious with SPM in two months before after the date of SPM. Cool aite? Dee Hussin, you are so my idol now :')

Give me your words. I need to stand properly and always run to knowledge. I know nothing and SPM is just around the corner. O Allah, I'm scared. I'm scared. p/s I need free hugs