Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thank you will never be enough.

I used to hurt when I became distant from my friends. I felt isolated, betrayed, outcasted, lonely, and so on. But of course, with my pride, I tried to suck it up and acted as if it didn't affect me. I told myself  "I don't need them to be happy, I don't need to depend on them" yada yada yada. In fact, when you lose people you love and care for, don't be surprised when you find yourself pushing others away from you. Don't be surprised when you find yourself not being able to trust people as much anymore. When people come and go in your life, it's not just them that has changed, but yourself as well.

I was able to call a couple people my "best friends". After losing them in a way, or becoming distant, or whatever happened. I began to think "There are no such things as best friends". And as much as I want to disagree now, just here me out on this. To me, I don't have "Best" friends. But I will say, I have true friends. I honestly can't choose and label which ones are the "best". Because I love them equally. I may be more closer to one of them than the rest, but I think calling them True Friends is more sincere.

They're true because, they've put up with my shit and they're still by my side. They don't judge me, when I do something wrong. They don't let me look dumb and act a fool they tell me straight up when I'm up to no good and what not. They hear me out, even if they don't know what to say. They  always find a way to make things better, laugh and say how childish I am. They'll try to embarrass me, in a few ways possible in public. They'll sometimes go beyond the comfort zones and even look for pads with and for me. Ha, and if we're really in a good mood and what not, we'll throw the pads at a few guy friends, and laugh hysterically afterwards. They're the ones that you can sit around with, and talk about anything for hours. Sit around with, and low blow each other in joking ways without getting super duper offended. They're the ones you eat with, A LOT. They're the ones that you don't really end up being bored with them. They're your ideal friends, that even when you take breaks from each other, have drama with one another, and blah blah..You are still able to call them your friend, with pride.

I won't tell or put a picture here to show who are they but they know I am actually talking about them. Guys, thank you :-)