Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter to Dad.

Dear Dad,

First at all I want to say sorry for blogging this. I have no strength to give you the real letter because I know you might slap me. And call me treason girl. So I choose this way to tell you something.

I just want let you know, no matter what you did to me, and treated me, I will never hate you. I will always love you, but I can't stop pretending like I love you till max. Because sometimes I bring nothing to you. And I always be the one who make you mad. And you are always be the right one.

I'm your daughter and need your love like seriously. But did I ever say like that in front of you? No because I just want you to show it without me telling you. You make me burning inside, and when I'm too angry, I will cry. But.. do you ever look the changes on my face?

I don't put a blame on you. I put a blame on me. Useless daughter. I am your useless daughter. Sorry abah, I am your useless daughter who need a little bit love from you.

Sincerely, me.