Monday, April 4, 2011

Scared to say the things worth say.

The precious moment ever I felt in this world when someone told me I'm inspiring them. I was like, did I? But when? Please fill in the blank because I bet you know the answer.

It's not about inspire thing actually. I've been through a lot of hard time before this. My life is so upside down which is down side : 70% in my life. Yes, you know my name. But you don't know how is and how was my story. I'm not telling other because I know they willl cry. Too much things my friend. Too much.

People said I am not like others seventeen-years-old. I speak like I already twenty or something. They are not saying I am old folks but yet they're saying they are so proud of me. And I was like, what? *tears falling down*

What I've been through, I will keep them until I find someone who will listen to me. No, I got a lot of friend who will listen to me, yet.. I have no strength to tell them. I love all my friends. Seriously.

But I can be so immature when I'm with mom.