Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stuck with memories.

Do you ever wonder why we are missing our memories so much? Sometimes, yes I'm wondering why we are stuck with memories and keep remember it again and again.

Photos are significant because we want to make sure, even though people in it changed, but that photo keep remains the memories that we had. Memories kill us.

And this photo kills me. Deeply. Dear God, if only I can turn away and run to this moment, seriously I will.

All I want is my childhood. The only problem is my crayons are gone, pretend like I can't sleep so that my mom can read fairytale stories to me, when ever someone scold me, my brother will run to him/her and fight, fall asleep in front of television and my father will carry me and when I cry, my sister comes and wipe it. Can I? No. I can't.

Now, I must do it by myself. I stand by myself. And I through everything by myself. I'm happy, I'm happy and I'm happy liddat. So I'm going to rape the rules because this is my life.