Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I got the sky, mind you.


"Don't aim for the sky. Aim for the moon. At least when you are falling down, sky is always there for you." - Miss Raihan

Sometimes I'm falling straight to the sky. Not because I am too weak to fight it back, it's because I am too tired to care about everything. It's okay if people still want to push me down. I don't care. I'm trying not to care. Because I am tired.

It was lying if I told you I don't care at all. Let's go to positive. Why should I care about all the bullshits they give to me? God is up there right? So, God know how to handle this thing.

I'm not the Prophet to forgive everyone. I am normal human being, forgiving someone who hurts me so much is not that easy.I need time, maybe until tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow. Next month. Next year. Next life. I don't know neither. Just see, and watch.

For now, I just want to care of my-self. Care about my friend's feeling. Care about my heart. The haters? I will just ignore them. Allah saw everything my dear :)