Monday, April 11, 2011

Politic nowadays.

When ever I switch my mind to get along with news, politic will always be there. And now, there is a case where someone caught Anwar Ibrahim because of his sex scandal. A video or something. Well, election will be on next year right?

I'm not at anyone's side. I am too young to know about politic and I'm not interested at all. Day by day, our politic becomes worse. The highest grade in our Malaysia still a kid. Fight in Dewan Parlimen, shout out bad words and as Afiffi said, they are YB you know. Yang Berhormat.

Where the heck is our money actually? There are still a lot of children who can't read a single word at Sabah and Sarawak. Even if school was there, but it just like chicken coop. Our proud Prime Minister can't stop give a lot of support (which is money) to Japan. Come on dude, help your people first.

The most annoying thing is reporters keep give us a news where this people blame on this people and that people blame on that people. And I was like? Where is your mind Sir?

Our people are poor. It's not because neither Barisan Nasional or PAS. It's Malaysian. If we're holding our hands like all together, I'm sure this country can go forward more than Singapore. But then? Look at here.

Fighting in Dewan Parlimen, throwing bad words, pretending nice in front of people, faking a kind-hearted in front of poor people and swallowing our money.