Saturday, June 18, 2011

I wish our friendship was still alive.

I'm happy that you have your own group of friends and are doing well, but to say I don't miss you would be a lie. It's been different, for sure, for the past months that we haven't talked. I never imagined us to grow apart. You were someone who was definitely worth keeping for a lifetime. But.. I don't know what happened. It still saddens me so much. I see you around sometimes, whether it be in real life or online, and it does feel weird to see how separate we are now compared to our close-as-ever bond we had before..

I just hope you're doing good whether it be family-wise or even in your social/personal life. I know things won't be returning to our past days but I'm just putting this out there: I still do care for you whether you care or not. If ever in the future we begin talking again, I'd make sure not to let you go.

Like I said, I miss you. It's just too awkward and uncomfortable for me to say anything, so... I blogged it out.