Saturday, June 18, 2011

Being wild, and love is unsignificant.

Look at this picture. What is the first thing cross on your mind when look at these four girls? Mine is wild. Yes, they are trying to be wild. Being a "wild" person is no good for everyone including me, but why I adore this picture so much? Because they told me to realise love is not the only matter on the earth.

In this teenage years, I should stop thinking about love or in other words, think about a boy all the time. My journey is way too long and I even can't smell the bright future in my life. I need to stop being lifeless when all in my mind is "who is going to be my boyfriend?"

Yeah, at this very moment, friend is all I need. Friends are just so significant and I want to grab the sweet memory between us, and make sure my youth is not wasted. I want to be somebody for everybody, not for someone. Sounds cranky but that's what I want for now. My life would be awesome if I'm one of precious thing in everyone's life. No boyfriend, happy life.