Monday, November 28, 2011

I have so much more in mind to just type about.

So I've realized how some people can be so ignorant towards the opposite sex. How they let them control their minds, and it annoys me. It probably annoys me because I've sorta been through that, and because they don't realize how much of a fool they are being at the moment. To the girls, never let a guy replace everything you have. Never have him be your idol. Show respect for yourself, and remember that whoever has been in your life first, and has always been there (friends and family for sure), then don't forget about them just because of the opposite sex. You may think forever, but sometimes it's all a lie. Not to think negatively, but always guard your heart just in case. I hate people who loves to play games, it's dumb and pathetic, and it gets you no where. I hate people who can't be loyal to what they have. Whether its physically, or emotionally. When being in relationships, loyalty, trust and honesty are all keys to making things work. Relationships are commitments. If you can't commit, or if you can't lock yourself down from having other people cross your mind, from messing around and etc. Then it's definitely not time for you to be in one. I can't stand liars. When I say they lose respect, I really mean they lose respect. Not all , but some. I can't stand any kind of lies. Big ones or small ones, there's really no point of hiding things. Story makers piss me off. So stfu.

"Anis, you are talking like you have no boyfriend." Yes, I do have one but I don't put him at among family and friends. I put him at some special place in my heart. Even if I love him to the max, but love between myself and family/friends still stay as the same like before. For now, family, friends and Shahrul are the only people I can lean on. Erm 'friends' sounds common, more to best friends actually. Family, they are still here and I can't run from having mini fights with them, yet they are still at the top. Shahrul? He's beyond amazing. I had fight but he never shows he's mad. I can't even forgive myself for my own mistakes but still, he's cool, he pretends like he's okay although I know he is not. Hmp, talking with him now is kinda hard though. But I believe, everything will be okay soon.

p/s did I just confess his name is Shahrul? :o