Monday, December 5, 2011

Incomplete things.

Lately I've been noticing a lot of things have been missing, hidden, and what not. Like things are mysteries to me now a days. You know what has been bugging me every morning? Waking up trying to figure out who I was with in my dreams. Sounds corny I know; but really now, these past nights, have been dreams of me with some unknown faces. It's irritating though, because I don't remember ever seeing their face, and when I wake up I try to think of all the these people I know that might match, but every face I try to match just doesn't fit. Besides, it probably doesn't even mean anything, but it is an annoyance waking up with a mystery.

But moving on to other things that seem so 'incomplete' or whatever. I guess people have been hiding things? Nothing important, probably those small little crushes, or he said, she said kind of things. Pretty funny to listen to actually. But then it also bites when they're about to tell you, or they hint that somethings going on, but then you're left with a "nevermind."

Other things that aren't complete? People's lifestyle at home. Fights, lack of attention, the usual. But then again we all go through it. The people that I know and love who are going through it, I know it'll fade. And even when it feels like it won't, they know I'm always around. Plus, my mind is definitely not making any sense, or maybe I know what it feels, but I'm just not admitting, or afraid to. For so long now, for a few years now, I've been fighting myself weather I do or I don't. It's probably a yes but some things are just to valuable to ruin. all I got to say, that I should never let chances slip away; they may never come back around.

One last thing, how can you miss something/someone that's standing right next to you? Lack of communication, and quality time. Even though they're right there, there's a difference from hanging out, to acting like strangers, which we all know. And how can you miss something when they're not even gone yet? It's just the feeling you know you'll have when they do leave. Or when I myself will leave. Who knows, only time will tell. Hopefully the rest of this year will go by slowly, so we can all stick around. They say friends come and go, but it's hard when you never want them to leave.