Tuesday, February 28, 2012

You didn't mean to fall in love... but you did.

Surprising? Yes. Definitely. Of course. Who knew, someone as busy as you, would ever want to be in a relationship after your previous one(s) or this is the first one? Well, obviously, if you didn't know that, then no one else could have. Honestly, you have never been in a state where you feel so content and mature about this decision. This relationship. You want nothing else but this relationship, at the most, to last. He/She is part of your reason to live. He/She is your best friend. Your sanity. Your sunshine, your reason to wake up every day. And you're not trying to be corny. You're serious about every word you say right down to the core of your beating heart. And he/she feels the same.

The risks, you know them all. The roller-coaster, You've been on it already. The hurt, you're ready for it. But all the negatives in the world could not possibly outweigh the positive outlook of this relationship. You're not jinxing it, you're just being honest.

You know.. At this age, relationships should probably be one of the last things to focus on. People have all the right to think that. But you definitely don't care. Your boyfriend/girlfriend is not a distraction to your education. If anything, he/she is a part of your main support system and motivation. Your boyfriend/girlfriend isn't just to fill in a void of of incompleteness. He/She just happened to fill that void on his/her own account. You never wanted to feel this way. Originally, you never wanted another boyfriend/girlfriend until, maybe, college or work. You guess you was too dumbfounded after your last one. But somehow, as if magically, you just happened to fall for him/her. Like it meant to happen. Like it was God-called to happen.

I didn't mention any name up here, but there's him/her in your mind. Cliche, but inevitably one of the best lines an individual could probably ever say: You are completely in love.