Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SPM batch 2011, 94's and proud.

 After two years struggling and put the fullest effort, I managed to get through SPM years. The ups and downs I had throughout 2010-2011 finally ended and show the result I've been waiting for 3 months. My result is not as great as people who get straight A's but to get this is enough, more than enough actually. Remembering back my whole two years, I spent 24 hours on internet, didn't do any homework, and what funny is I didn't have any single of Bahasa's book when I was form 4. Lol.

But this is the truth. I'm addicted with Twitter/Facebook early of 2010, staying up late, google this and that, and in the morning I usually lied to my mum I'm sick or something. At school, I slept, copied other's work and got thousand and one excuses to run myself from punishment. Drowning myself into virtual, lovey dovey and in my own 'fun world'. I still remember, my rank in my class was 24/30. So.. yeah. I was stupid back then.

When I was form 5, I was still playing around, ignoring the fact that SPM just around the corner, and tweeting like this is the only world I have. I was so... idiot. If only I started everything earlier, haih. The most thing I remember is the night before Addmath papers, I created trending topic on twitter which was 'Twitter Crush', and surprisingly it's on first worldwide trending topic. Staying up late until 1 am, hit the hay and woke up at 4 to study. Realize everything it's too late the day before SPM starts. But still.. I couldn't run from internet. And oh! Someone came into my life, and stay until now. Hihi hi love x

Speak about today. I sit in front of ustazah, cikgu Ariawati gave the slip to me and I immediately hide it from others. But then ustazah said "Takpe, tunjuk." and in order to respect her as my 'ibu angkat' for two years, I put my slip on the desk. Everyone was like "Nino dapat berapa?!" and I couldn't forget the moment when my mathematic teacher when I was form 4 asked and still remember me :') My world was silent for a second and suddenly I heard people said "Tahniah nino." Ustazah pat me on shoulder, saying tahniah, I stand up, salaam with cikgu ariawati and cried on my classmate's shoulder. I didn't even know why but I couldn't hold the tears. I cried, cried and cried, walked to my mum and cried again. MAN MALU GILA MENANGIS DEPAN MAK HAHA. Wiped my tears, met my old friends, juniors and waving bye to everyone.

So this is my little story. They said SPM doesn't mean the end, it is just beginning for my future. I put my trust on this line. I'll just carry on with my little As and I believe He has a great plan for me. And oh, I still can't believe I did it and got these As since my effort was just zero I think. Nothing. I should get one A only but He gave me this instead. Alhamdulillah.

I'm sorry for not replying any mentions, bbm(s) and messages. It's too early to announce my pretty bad result hihi :')