Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lifehouse - You and Me.


I just woke up and I think I'm getting into the habit of blogging about what I dream of. I was really surprised by what I dreamnt of and I think my dreams are my getaways. In my dream, I saw Athirah and one of our friends. They were inside a hot place and I wasnt' sure why. Everything seemed so confusing. We were at the pool, getting equipment and I went to find them and I found them on the floor with a lot of other people too. They all seemed to be injured, dead, or passed out. Athirah was telling me to get her inhaler and I asked her where Nadya was and she pointed. And Nadya was trying to stand up and she was choking without her inhaler and I could see her turn blue. I ran to the locker room and looked all around for their bags and their inhalers. It felt as if it took me forever to find their inhalers. Then I was running outside again and I saw our coaches. I tried to tell them but it was as if they found out already. I continued to run towards the shed area, but when I was outside again, it was dark.

The pool was empty and the shed was closed. No one was here axcept for a life guard pulling in a lane line. I felt scared and I felt as if I didn't come through for them. I looked around and I found HIM standing there. He was about to leave and he told me to 'Let's go'. I went to him and I tried explaining to him everything and I started to cry. He took my hand and held it and he walked with me. He told me things would be okay and he kissed my forehead. It was night, but he still walked around with me. I still wasn't feeling better, still worrying and then he stopped me. He pulled out his iPod and handed me an earphone. "Music solves everything," he said. He took my hand again and we continued to walk around. In my dreams, that's the best dream I've had in a long time.