Thursday, August 25, 2011

Loss in Ramadhan.

Yesterday my dear friend  lost her father. She’s one of the strongest people I know. She can smile though anything. She’s kind, sweet, loving, and always has something kind to say. She loves her friends, including me, her bestfriend. She can make me hurt, but at the same time she is the one who always  make me smile.

But to see she's crying all time along hurt me more than you ever know. I was crying like hell when knew about the loss at school yesterday. She didn't tell us about the accident, she was pretending like everything's okay. I just.. I don't know. She is the youngest one, need lots of love from a father, and seventeen is too young to lost her father. I can't imagine if I was in her shoes. She is way too strong.

I didn’t know her father well. He once met my father, and waving at my father although he never knew my father. It was beautiful. He was gracious for his all the things God had given him, and understanding when He took them away. I will pray to be more like that. No wonder his daughter is so amazing.

Dear Mira Bakar, be strong, for yourself. We love you, and the most important thing is, Allah loves him, and that's the reason why he leaves you. Be strong, that's all I can say. Sorry, I can't help you this time, all you need is try to keep your head up, aite girl? :')