Thursday, September 8, 2011

The scar of love.

Thought it's easy to move, but I was wrong. To walk from the place you've never been before just like you leave it but you can't stop looking back. It's like I'm stuck at this place, in his place. I have to move on, everyone is right. This little thing called love should not be chased, but it's about to find it and once you are with it, you will know the true meaning of it. People said I am too young to know the real meaning of love, but no. They don't know what I've been through last year, and you know what, four alphabet for judgemental people.

But now I'm okay. Although my heart is already with him, I'm trying my best to steal what is mine. I am surrounded by adorable people, so why I have to stick with someone who doesn't me in his life? It's kind of stupid and that's the reason why I force myself to walk away from him. I don't want to talk much because I might burst in tears, but you guys should know, I am on my way to move on.

p/s she is a strong girl and always keep her head up.