Saturday, October 1, 2011

People are poison, and 1/4 of them are sugar.

How you’ll have people close to you. People that you can run to, or they run to you, people who you can talk on the phone with about anything, hangout with and always have a good time, be so comfortable with to discuss any subject. Until an opposite sex comes along. That’s when you rarely hear from that person anymore. That’s when, when you actually get to talk to them, or spend time with them. A majority of the things that come out of their mouth is that “significant other” or whoever that person may be to them. I’m down to listen. Sure, whatever. I guess you can call it “cute”. It really depends in my case. If it seems like you’re on a leash, and attached to that person, then I find it a bit sad, because some people don’t know their worth, and they’ll take any shit from that opposite sex all because they loooveeeee them so dearly. AWWWWWWH. But the most humorous thing about these situations? Is when you know your friendship with that person isn’t as grand as it used to be, and when they actually call you up, or try to hangout with you. The majority of the time, the reasoning for them wanting to come over, or call, or text, or whatever the hell it is, is because that significant person has either hurt them, pissed them off, etc.

Hah. I find it ridiculous that people only remember their friends when things are rolling down the hill with the opposite sex. True friend to me? They hit me up when they’re happy with their boyfriend/girlfriend. They hit me up, when they’re fighting with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Not ONLY when they’re crying over them, when they’re fighting, when they’ve said something hurtful, when they feel they don’t trust them. Because if that’s the reason why these people only acknowledge me for, then what makes them think I’ll always be caring about these problems they’re carrying, complaining and crying about? It’s same shit, different day for these people.

True friends don’t forget about you after they find someone to love.
To no one specific really, I just realized that there are several people that I know like that, out there..