Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Foundation in Tesl / Uitm Padang Lalang

If you keep up with my blog at all you will definitely notice some changes because I have not updating this blog for a long time being. Why you might ask? Well because I feel as though I need closure in my life and I need to get the hell out of this miserable funk I am in when I am online. So even if I wanna talk, think, remember, or marvel about anything, I just let it passing by. Twitter? I don't know, I've lost interest in it. I just thought that for those of you who read this and genuinely care about me, first of all thank you and second of all I'm okay. It is all a part of forgetting and moving forward. I don't want to have to keep scrolling through my blog and writing about every single thing.

Talking about my life, I'm having a great life right now. To be in the last semester at UiTM Kuantan as a student in Foundation in TESL, it is great. The classmates are amazing, the best friends are greatest things here, the room mate is cool, and everything is going well. To talk about relationship, we're still in long distance relationship. Four dates in one year and plus plus.. it sounds miracle for me to still stay in this journey with him. Yada yada I still have a boring life actually. I really got nothing to tell. Uhm.


There are a few SPM candidates 2012 asked me about Foundation in TESL. Uhm, I don't have nothing much to inform you about this course but what can I say is the first semester is fun and the second semester is amazing. Four months for the first sem and another four months for the next sem. You're going to create thousand of bittersweet memories here. First step is the interview. Just rilex, keep yourself down and build up your confidence. You don't have to worry about your grammar because the only thing interviewer wants to see your confidence. My interview went well, that's why I'm here now lol. You don't need thousand As to get TESL because I even have a friend who got only a single A in SPM but still, he managed to pass the interview and happily studying TESL now. They're going to ask about yourself (talk as much as you want and make it interesting) for sure. They may be ask about the current issues, but during my interview, they didn't ask about it but they told me to teach something instead. If it happens to you, instantly pick a topic and teach them about anything you want. They won't bite. Enough about interview.

We only have 8 subjects for both semesters and I think it is not a burden. Plus, our subjects are just grammar, writing, reading, etc but still, you need to give the fullest effort on them. It it impossible to get high pointer if you're not going to study at all, right? First semester gonna be a little bit hard because everything is in English, you have to find the real true friends, you have to be in a group of strangers and you will live with a completely new enviroment. But don't worry, time will heals everything. All you have to do is just participate in everything. First semester is fun because no matter how busy you are, you still have time to hang out outside. I mean, just after you get the allowance which is RM1K++, I'm pretty sure you're not going to just keep it in the bank. Just use it, lol but make sure to score in your final exam, because you have to repay it back if you failed on the final exam or you quit. Second semester is quite complicated but it's still the best. You must achieve Band 4 for MUET. It is a must if you want to continue your degree in TESL. During my batch, we don't have to change the classes in second semester so we just stay with the old classmates from the previous semester. No more awkward relationship and you can fit in with everyone. The most exciting is we have drama class! This is our opportunity to tight in our relationship with the classmates. Presentations, quizzes and tension are doubled. Although you will not go out as much as the previous semester, but it is okay. You will have pack schedule and if you're the chosen one, you will have night class or class in the weekend. TESL is... although you will pursue your degree in other courses, but taking TESL is not wasting your time. Learning English is not wasting time. I can say it helps myself too. Grammar mistakes, low confidence and those negative stuff, slowly gone. And it turns into who I am today. I swear it is fun, the best and amazing happens only if you have your best friends. Without friends, you are alone, and it is sad to be alone for one year, isn't? Make friends, as much as you could. Don't easily trust anyone.

Let's move to the Uitm itself. As for me, I'm in Uitm Padang Lalang, Kuantan Pahang, or for short, Palang. I don't really know about another two which are Uitm Shah Alam and Uitm Lendu Melaka, so for those who will choose there, just ignore this one. Back to our topic, Palang. There are two Uitm(s) in Kuantan, another one is Uitm Sekilau (for girls who take Foundation in Law). Palang is for TESLians (boys & girls) and Lawrians (boys only). The location is okay but I don't know how to say this.. but some of people in Kuantan don't even know there's Uitm in Kuantan, lol. Erm Palang is a very small campus. You only have four buildings, which are three blocks for hostel, and another one is for classes. Two blocks are the places for boys, and one block is for girls. Girls, I'm not sure this is a good thing or not but your block is just next to boy's block that only seperated by one small hall. You can simply 'usha' boys and, boys, you can do the same thing. But one thing I notice here is, it is not a big deal here because seems like no one cares about the 'usha' stuff. You don't even care. Just make sure you don't change clothes at the windows, alright?

If you have class at 8 am, you can even wake up 7.50 am and still can make it. It only takes 2 minutes to arrive at the class. If you have night class, you can even just wear your pyjama. It is a very small campus. Palang is 10 minutes to the Megamall, and around 20 minutes to the East Coast Mall. Oh, not to forget, by walking. We usually just walk to the malls if there's no taxi. You can also walk to the beach which is Taman Gelora, around 30 minutes, by walking. The place you're going to love the most is Arked, our food court, the nearest place to eat. Palang is somehow a good strategic place, lol. When you're in hostel, don't just stay in your room. Be friends with everyone, okay? You will hear some 'another creatures' stories, or you will experience it by yourself. Erm just stay strong and if possible just ignore it. I am coward as shit, that's why I was sleeping with my room mate together, the same bed for around two months I think. But then I slowly get used with it. Always fill your room with yassin to block all the ways from those 'creatures'. Girls, personal hygiene is really important. I'm sure you're old enough to understand what I'm trying to say. Oh! Make sure to have a good relationship with your room mate. It's significant for me.

Uhm, I think that is enough. If you want to choose TESL, just stick with your decision. TESL can lead you to a few jobs, don't worry, you will always find the ways. If you still have questions to ask, just ask. I'll reply insyaAllah. Have fun in TESL! You're not going to regret with your decision if you plan to take this, I promise :-)

a lot can happen in one year..