Friday, February 15, 2013

To sum things up, this is everyone's life.

We all live life thinking that everything is supposed to come to us as simple and as easy as possible. Well, we are definitely wrong. When we are born, everything is simply handed to us when we would cry, whine, moan, smile, laugh, poop, pee, giggle, move, wander, crawl, step, fall, touch, or even blink. Our parents go through all measures of hell to make us shut up and relax for a while just so they could live their lives easily without having to worry, but obviously it's the circle of life. Once we reach our toddler years things become more demanding for we have almost learned, or are still trying to learn, right from wrong, up from down, and yes from no. We reach the talking stages and demand that whatever came out of our mouth, came to us. Finally, we have been taught far enough by our parents they just end up "calling it quits" and ship us off to this place. This place is huge, creative, inspiring, and quite ridiculous. This place is, you guessed it, kindergarten.

At kindergarten, we are taught to learn to take everything from the teacher's mouth, hand gestures, work sheets,  activities, homework, and discipline; place it in our little brains and store it for memory. Obviously, who ever thought of this idea for learning was nuts. We can't possibly sit here and try to obtain all sorts of information by just listening and interacting with whatever it was the teachers wanted us to do. So we teach ourselves to adapt. We then go through kindergarten like we do life, wanting everything to come easily and to be as simple as possible. Everything is fun. Going through kindergarten as if it were a breeze, kindergarten is then done and over with and primary school comes along.

Primary school itself is just a place where the teachers of the gods thought would be a nice place to learn for those awkward stages of our lives. Basically, they didn't want to deal with us while we were going through any kind of hormonal differences, vocal changes, awkward relationships, or anything of the matter. Whoever created primary school, was probably the smartest person in the history of schooling. If we didn't have primary school, high school would become the hell before actual life. And also primary school introduces of with puppy loves. :)

So then we enter high school where things start to get interesting. We enter, still having this crazy mind set of how-to-learn-things, and they tell us to let go. They say, "Here at such and such high school, we believe everyone has the opportunity to learn and to ensure that no student gets left behind. We here at such and such high school think that the only way for you to learn is for you to experience what it is you will be experiencing in the near future. It is here where you will become your own individual human being while being independent, inspirational, and motivated to learn. Whatever it is you believe you want to do, you can. And here at high school is where that will all begin." Yeah, we all know it's true. Some big shot principal thinks he's going to change our lives at this place we call school. This place is the most easiest, most care free, most indefinite place of learning there is. We do start to let go, we don't really realize it but our learning process becomes our own. Everything we were taught before, basically molds into this new structure of our lives. And for those of us who didn't seem to let go, well those are the ones who end up working at McDonald's, becoming our employees, and living off of the government just to try to make their lives seem great. Some of us say, "high school was a waste of my time." Well guess what honey, if it wasn't for high school I'm sure you wouldn't be who you are today. Entering university we see things differently, thanks to high school.

University, yeah it sucks. There you are told to do anything asked of you and it has to be close to perfection. It is then university where you learn how life really is. You learn that whatever it is you do, is broadcasted to nearly everyone. You learn that almost anything that is said is ninety-nine percent of the time a lie. And you learn who your true friends are the high school friends who still stay and the ones who always be with you in university, when they are standing next to you. After this, life goes on, no matter how hard we try to learn or how hard we try to succeed there is always one thing in front of us. Ourselves.

I have no idea why I'm talking about these but I guess I just miss my old life. Being an university student is fun but yet, in the deep of the heart, it is high school that I miss the most.